Virtual Photography studio

Ship any items to our Technology Lab. We'll transfer them to the digital world & take professional pictures in any environment you need.

A natural Copy

The 3D models that we create feel absolutely real. Quality is incomparable with traditional handheld scanning methods.

Perfect Lighting

We will capture the item in nearly 100 different lighting conditions, so it's ready to use in any environment in the future.

Stunning results

It is beyond human abilities to distinguish a virtual picture from the real one. All photos in the gallery were taken in a 3D engine. For real.

great for media houses & publishers

Perfect alternative solution for taking pictures in a simulated environment. No photographer required!

Unlimited number of pictures

It's possible to take unlimited number of photos from different angles, in various environment. Just the way you need.

Do it yourself (Or not)

Once you have the model, you are able and free to use it on your own if a 3D artist is available at your hand - or use ours.

Take a look at the results

Step 1: Wireframe

Step 2: 3D Model

Step 3: Final photo

Shooting movies & animations in 3D

Smart option for virtual filmmakers, animators and advertising agencies

No Green Screen needed

Fully digital solution using a virtual studio in 3D engine.​

Unlimited # of takes​

Lights, camera, action! Until you have it your way. ​

Highly cost effective​

Cheaper than traditional FX methods. Way cheaper!​

Pricing options

Note: Significant discounts are netogiable for large volumes (e.g. media houses and publishers). Pricelist below does not include scanning of content into 3D model. See full pricelist for further details. 


Standardized set for each model
  • per 5 pictures with void or single color background

Showcase photography

Photorealistic pictures for visual ads
  • per one picture in environment you choose

Video advertising

Shoot entire commercial using 3D models
  • per one minute of video captured in 3D engine

Scanning (Mandatory)

Prices starting at
499 Per original 3D model

Shooting (optional)

99 Per High-Quality Picture

3D scanning with Precismo is highly accurate yet cost-effective way for creating original 3D content for retail, entertainment, media, gaming and all similar 21st century markets.

We also closely collaborate with industry leaders in Czech Republic to provide quality control and nondestructive testing solutions across all relevant fields.

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