Fast and Fully automated 3D Technology

Our robotic scanning system can digitalize real objects, in a highly automated manner. We can export the high quality scanned data to support any of the following use cases:

  • Web Viewer - Interactive display on e-commerce sites.
  • 3D advertisement - interactive animated banners with animated 3D objects much more data effective than video or image animations and look much better.
  • Augmented reality (AR) - to see the product in the front of You using a phone or tablet.
  • Virtual reality shop - create custom VR experience tailored to the needs of the client.
  • Virtual photography - create as many product photographs as You want, use the same viewing angle for the whole product range or change the object's background to anything You can imagine. No need to reshoot or rescan the objects again.

Web viewer

Automatically scanned 3D object.

High-quality output with minimum human input.

Apple AR (Augmented reality)

Check out, how You can interact with the objects in the front of You or how You can hold them in Your hands. Clients will be never again surprised by the real size or material of the objects. Anyone can experience virtual products in a very natural way. Minimize the amount of returned goods and maximize user experience.

QR Code for iPhone owners.

Just click to QR code or scan on your mobile.

Virtual Reality

Create cool VR experiences to display the products in any virtual space. VR e-commerce is no longer impossible.