First step: 3D scanning

We took the beloved and indistinguishable Puma in its ???? variant and put it into our photorealistic 3D scanner. It captured more than 2 000 photos over the course of approximately 15 minute-long scanning session. Then, our processing pipeline automatically assembled all pictures to create a high-quality 3D model, which can be used in various environments and use cases presented below.  

Basic product shots

Product shots are our basic, entry-level product. In this case, we created a standardized set of pictures from various angles using 3D engine. Our shots are full of light, with all-natural feeling. The legendary Puma ????? is shown the way it deserves. 

Automated creation in a 3D engine

Top quality shots feel 100 % real

Identical angles for all products

Art photography

Basic shots are great for online presentation. But once you’re going big, offline, or both, you need a lot more. This is where virtual art comes handy. We put the shoe into different environments to show off its beauty. All on a computer, of course. This option is perfect for advertisers, media houses, or shops that want to be one step ahead of their competitors. 

Product videos

We didn’t stop at pictures, of course. Film is the ultimate art of moving pictures – and this especially applies once you have a photorealistic 3D scan from Precismo. For this case study, we created both basic and art video showcasing the shoe. 

No Green Screen WAS needed FOR THE SHOOTING

We used a fully digital solution using a virtual studio in a 3D engine.

Different environments, always top quality

As you can see, the shoe always adapts to the specific (e.g. lighting) conditions.

Highly cost effective​ solution for everyone

Shooting videos in 3D is significantly cheaper than traditional filmmaking methods.

Play Video

Basic video

We captured the sneaker automatically using a one-color skybox.

Play Video

Art video

The boots set out on their own journey to a NYC subway train.

3D viewer

This is our best-selling product. The 3D viewer enables our clients to showcase any 3D model live on a website, e-shop or in mobile application. 

The skybox can automatically adapt to the background, as you can see when hovering over this section of our website. 



Grab the shoe with left mouse button, use right button to shift the camera


Grab the shoe with one finger, shift the camera with two figers

3D configuration tool

Using our real-time, state-of-the-art 3D configuration tool, we created a unique user experience. Change the look of the shoe by simply clicking on different variants & view it from every angle in amazing level of detail.

3D scanning with Precismo is a highly accurate, yet cost-effective way for creating original 3D content for retail, entertainment, media, gaming and other similar industries of the 21st century.

We also closely collaborate with industry leaders in Czech Republic to provide quality control and non-destructive testing solutions across all relevant fields.

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