How Oral-B created content with Precismo

Oral-B increased engagement 5x and “add-to-cart” rate +18% using Precismo 3D content

As more and more shopping happens on the web and the pandemic is changing how we choose and buy, Oral-B was looking for an innovative, seamless way to engage its customers online and give them a fun shopping experience comparable to what they were used to from stores.



Increase awareness of the brand’s cutting-edge technology, grow share and conversion rate.



The marketing team was looking for a way to how to transfer shopper interaction with physical products placed on Touch & Feel units at offline stores into online environment. The goal was to engage shoppers more, let them experience and interact with the product online and remove barriers to purchase. Enabling shoppers to interact with the products in 3D and AR promised longer engagement, which is proven to increase conversions.

Creating 3D models was a significant barrier as these were not part of standardized in-house content libraries and there was no established process to obtain them. An additional concern was about the quality of the content, it had to reflect the “premium-ness” and avoid looking “gimmicky” / cartoonish. Also, there was a need to deploy the content quickly to support revolutionary iO launch from day 1. P&G team decided to reach out to Precismo for help.



Precismo used their unique robotic scanning with Texture Transfer Technology™ to digitise the portfolio of premium Oral-B toothbrushes within days. The models had a realistic look and “feel”, ensuring the shopper would see as close a version of reality as possible.

Integration of the Precismo Viewer on eCommerce websites did not require any code changes, which greatly sped up the deployment with partners.

Integration of the Precismo Viewer on eCommerce websites did not require any code changes, which greatly sped up the deployment with partners.



With the intention to quantitatively assess 3D content impact, Nazuby (leading e-retailer selling Oral-B POC) used Google Analytics to track shopper behavior on Oral-B product pages. To measure the impact on engagement and add-to-cart rate, we compared visits to the same product page since Jan 25th until Sep 14th 2021, and grouped them into buckets depending on whether 3D asset was viewed or not.
Shoppers spent a lot more time exploring the product pages of toothbrushes with 3D content, they were “wowed” by being able to look at them in AR (a first for many shoppers, which strengthened the brand’s innovation/premium tech image). Best of all, it led to measurable increase in add-to-cart rates!

The results were even better
than expected!


  • +18%

    “add to cart” rate overall

  • +20%

    “add to cart” rate on Top 5 products

  • 5x

    average time spent engaging with the products

“The key purchase barrier for online shopping is the inability to physically touch the product. That’s clearly proved based on all available data as well as based on our own research.

We try to eliminate this barrier via variety of actions like superior rich content. 3D product view definitely puts a product presentation at a very different level.

E-commerce is growing fast and shopper’s expectations are rising. We need to work hard to win hearts and minds of our shoppers.

Fast implementation of such technological innovation provides important point of difference vs our competing e-retailers.

For us, 3D product model represents strategic choice with long term positive impact.”

Ales Marovec
― marketing director Nazuby/Holime


Next steps

Partnering with Precismo to:

  • increase the % of portfolio with 3D assets – e.g. Braun
  • enhance rich content (move 3D to a more prominent position)
  • leverage QR codes to launch AR on mobile
  • leverage high engagement of AR in social campaigns
  • embed 3D content on brand sites
  • explore communicating benefits directly in 3D
  • explore virtual photography for super fast asset creation