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3D models vs. 360° product spins

The previous part of our mini-series discussed 360° product spins that came back to life, much like zombies do. Let’s discuss the differences between the technologies on a serious note. You’ll soon understand why anybody in their right mind should choose 3D scanning for selling products in the 21st century. 

360° product spin

Scanned 3D models

Did you look carefully? You probably noticed a few differences. Most of them are discussed in the table below. Some of them are not easily noticeable and the 360° providers want them to be hidden from you. At least until they start sending invoices…

Category360° spins3D scanning
Technology born in~ 2000~ 2017
Resolution~ 24 MPx> 100 MPx
Size of a single scan300 - 500 MB10 - 15 MB
Viewing anglesLimited, pre-definedInfinite # of angles
UsabilityWeb onlyAnywhere
Mobile usageLimited, high compressionUnlimited, full quality
Zoom+spin comboNot availableAvailable
Price per scan storageusually 1500 EUR / mthusually 0 EUR / mth
Scan & processingManualAutomated
Product sales growth5 - 10 %30 - 50 %

Looking at the table above, it’s clear that there’s only a single reason for choosing 360°: Price per scan, starting around 50 EUR. However, according to our calculations, the product sales growth related to 3D is quite significant and justifies the use of a better technology: 3D scanning. 

If you choose 3D scanning, you are not obliged to pay maintenance fees and cloud storage fees. On the contrary, these are often made mandatory by 360° providers

In case of your interested in 3D, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytimeWe’ll be glad to discuss all the options available to you. And will be happy to hear you’re not one of the tech dinosaurs still using 360s. 

3D scanning with Precismo is a highly accurate, yet cost-effective way for creating original 3D content for retail, entertainment, media, gaming and other similar industries of the 21st century.

We also closely collaborate with industry leaders in Czech Republic to provide quality control and non-destructive testing solutions across all relevant fields.

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