Highs and lows of tech startup experience

Our COO Pavel Havránek discusses his first ever job in a startup

I have dedicated almost 30 years of my life to working as an IT professional. During that time, I gained a lot of valuable experience from major corporations with all kinds of support departments and thousands of employees. However, I was always struggling with the amount of resources (especially time) required to accomplish literally any innovation or change. With the sole exception of Datart (Czech electronics retailer with over 1000 employees, but without corporate attitude).

That was one of the main reasons I did not hesitate for a while when I was offered the position of COO in PRECISMO. I did not know what to expect. I only knew a significant change was coming and nothing will be similar to my previous experiences. Including the fact that I’m about to work in a company with roughly 10 employees, meaning there’s always a scarce of specialists and subject matter experts available for various kinds of jobs.

I needed to familiarize myself with a lot of activities and processes I’ve never done or been part of. The variety and elasticity of the job and the firm itself is actually very rewarding, to be honest.

Working with Precismo has been by far the biggest rollercoaster ride of my life. I was astonished by the exceptional amount of energy in each and every one of my colleagues. Everyone’s looking for a major breakthrough. For a change in their lives and the lives of others. In the corporate world, “change” ranks as the single most dirty word you’re expected to avoid. In a startup, change is an absolute need.

And that’s definitely a good thing. If we reach a deadlock, we’re able to roll back maybe one, two days of work. Instantly, knowing “that’s life”. This gives us the unique opportunity to experiment and shift the technology forward. Beyond the boundaries of what’s generally deemed possible in our business.

Thanks to this, our headcount is far, far more than 10 as of now. And that puts a smile on my face.

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