CTO: Artificial Intelligence is essential

The core elements of our technology at Precismo are AI (Artificial Intelligence), neural networks and ML (machine learning). We decided to proactively utilize these technologies back in 2017 when we started building our 3D scanning machine from scratch.

I’m constantly amused when watching our AI getting better and better on yet another set of training data. And I wonder: Is this the same feeling Elon Musk had when observing his Teslas “driving“ through the virtual countryside and learning the difference between signpost and a buffalo?

Working in a dynamic environment, with the use of AI, is of course demanding. It’s a more complex but also far more entertaining way to achieve things. Otherwise, we’d just hardcode everything.

If you want to help us make our AI even better, we’re still looking for skillful people. There’s never enough of them!

My next blog post will be the last for some time. I will be writing about our Hardware & Software. These are the last pieces of the puzzle that form Precismo – the best 3D scanning technology on the market.

I really hope AI will help me write these posts in the future as I’m a far better programmer than writer.