3D scanning is the smartest way to achieve high-quality 3D content.
What you see is what you get.


We provide 3D models in photorealistic quality, mobile-ready size, ready-to-use in web viewers, VR/AR toolkits and 3D engines.

Cost effective

Scanning an existing physical object provides significant manpower savings in comparison to traditional 3D modelling.

100 % Natural

Our technology fully retains all natural characteristics of materials and provides perfect insight for your customers, reducing the return rates.

3D Content for AR/VR

Original, top quality 3D models for all creators of business applications and games, no matter the platform. 

Virtual Photography

We have smart photoshooting solutions based on 3D scans of real objects. One scan, infinite number of pictures! 

Online Retail

Present your goods in fully 3D views and increase sales figures instantly. We currently support e-shops, AR and VR stores. 

VideoFX & Shooting

Precismo provides a fully digital filmmaking studio. Create effects or entire films using 3D models, engines and techniques. 

3D Content leads the way

Ready to use in any environment, right away. See the examples below.


Using a Web Viewer plugin, you are able to present all products in quality never seen before. Simple solution for all e-shops that want to step out and exceed their competition. 

Virtual Photography

Using pre-made environments in 3D engines, you are able to capture life-like photos in any lighting conditions at one time. Simple and elegant solution for media houses or designers.

Augmented Reality

We capture all objects in matching size. Augmented Reality provides you with the option to place the virtual object into any environment and check what the result looks like. 

Gaming Industry

Many video game developers struggle with creating photorealistic 3D objects. Studios devote large portion of their valuable time to creating content we could provide easilly through 3D scanning.

Virtual Reality

Create original VR experiences tailored to the needs of your customers and clients.
Virtual Reality showroom full of high-quality scans is just a few clicks (and steps) away.

3D advertising

Interactive advertisement (using 3D objects) provides significantly better conversion rates than traditional video-based or image-based advertising. And looks better, obviously. 

Still not quite sure?

Reach out to us & get a consultation regarding usage in your consumer market. Free of charge.

Mikoláš Herskovič

Founder & CEO

Zdeněk Glazer

Co-founder & CTO

3D scanning with Precismo is highly accurate yet cost-effective way for creating original 3D content for retail, entertainment, media, gaming and all similar 21st century markets.

We also closely collaborate with industry leaders in Czech Republic to provide quality control and nondestructive testing solutions across all relevant fields.

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