Getting started
with Precismo AR.

You might be wondering “How does this whole thing work?”
It comes down to three steps.

Step 1

In our hands

The whole process starts with us taking care of all the products you have choosen to scan. We will send our messenger to pick them up and take care of all the handling and travel.

Step 2

Plug into the Platform

Once in-hand, we import your 3D files into the platform as models, materials, and assets. We then use AI rules from our product catalog to create parameters for how a customer can view and configure the product on your site.

Step 3

Go Live

We place the player on your website with a built-in user interface and the augmented reality feature turned on and ready to go.


Increase add-to-cart by 20%


Reduce refunds by as much as 35%


5x increase the time spent with the product