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From the mid of 2017 until today

It was in summer of 2017 when two long-time friends and colleagues, Mikoláš Herskovič (now CEO of Precismo) and Zdeněk Glazer (now CTO) came up with an idea for revolutionary 3D scanning machine which would, one day, deliver quality 3D content to developers, retailers, media, or simply just anybody who needed it. Both stepped out from their existing businesses and Zdeněk and Mikoláš rushed to build a Proof of Concept 3D scanner and to say it was a blast would be an understatement. Thanks to a great amount of support (and pre-seed funding) from KOOPEO Ventures, Precismo was founded in September 2017.

We have been working hard on the industry-grade 3D scanning machine for about a year. Creating such technology on a greenfield was quite a challenge for Zdeněk and his colleagues. They got to perform a lot of calculations, calibrations, coding, tests, and obviously reached some dead ends as well. But the prototype was finally ready in June 2018 and we started scanning literally everything around us to see the results.

The team soon understood that our hardware was great but made up for only half of the story. We had to put a lot of work into the software part as well and began working on a self-learning neural network which would fundamentally improve the quality of the outputs – and is still improving it, piece by piece, until today.

Mikoláš Herskovič and Zdeněk Glazer on their trip to CES 2020 in Los Angeles

We took a trip around the world with our proprietary 3D scanning head and visited major tech conferences such as CES in Las Vegas or SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles. The feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive, boosted the team’s confidence and proved we’re on the right track.

Based on a lot of questions from firms both in Czech Republic and abroad, we finally decided to set up an Industry division in summer of 2019 and were pretty excited to see how the technology we have can help industry leaders. We are currently working on a few disclosed projects (more on that later) for some huge names in the field, so far with very promising results. We’re very happy to be able to spot even the tiniest scratches and defects, invisible to human eye.

Mikoláš Herskovič and investment partners from KOOPEO Ventures and NATION1

For a long time, we had been looking for a highly progressive, perfect seed investment match for Precismo. Finally, December 2019 marked the entry of our second major partner as we were seed invested by Nation1 fund. Nation1 specializes in local startups heading global and we’re happy to have access to their experience and contacts. We hoped that 2020 would be a year of growth and expansion overseas (with new scanning labs opening to the public) only to be slowed down a little bit by the pandemic.

Our heavy-duty automated 3D scanning robotic system is currently in full operation in the metro area of Prague, the Czech Republic and open to business inquiries. We’re really looking forward to seeing you, and helping scan anything you need, in the near future.

3D scanning with Precismo is a highly accurate, yet cost-effective way for creating original 3D content for retail, entertainment, media, gaming and other similar industries of the 21st century.

We also closely collaborate with industry leaders in Czech Republic to provide quality control and non-destructive testing solutions across all relevant fields.

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