Why do we combine only the best technologies?

Because we are only satisfied with the best results... 

Computer vision

With industry grade cameras and lighting solutions, we have all we need to feed our custom made automated calibration, scanning and optimization framework with quality data. Proprietary finetuned algorithms ensure we mine the image data in subpixel quality.


We have complete control over every aspect of the scanning process. With our in-house developed robotic system, we can bring You consistent, superb quality and fast results. It also means that we can experiment faster with a novel state of the art algorithms and hardware solutions, to push the scanning frontier to perfection. 


Thanks to the ever-growing library of scanned objects, our AI system gets better and better, and our system more precise and faster. 

Production of 3D models

The raw data would be pretty useless without proper post-processing pipeline, which produces clean models with proper PBR materials and textures.


We are aiming to create "holy grail" scanning platform of real object to transform it into digital representation without manual intervention with industry quality.

3D scanner

we deliver 3D models to our clients with our fully automatic scanner.

Transform real objects into a virtual form, into a photorealistic 3D models


HW and SW solutions implemented according to client's needs.

universal solution for identification of manufacturing defects

ability to detect previously unidentifiable defects