Customer experience on a whole new level.
Improve sales.

3D Model Ecosystem which delivers unprecedented level of reality to your customers. We take care of the whole process from scanning to deployment so no further investment or work on your part is necessary.

Bring reality into your digital presence.

  • Precismo 3D Scan


  • Precismo 3D implementing to eshop

    Implement to eshop

  • Precismo 3D product gets noticed

    Product get noticed

  • Precismo 3D testing the product

    User tests the product at home in AR

  • Precismo 3D improves sales

    The conversion is done

  • Precismo 3D sales go up

    Sales go up

  • Precismo 3D Scan


    Artificial Intelligence creates a digital 3D copy of the product. The scan has a superior quality, yet minimal size – 90% less data than usual photography based models. Its easy to resize, scale, adapt and apply in any format for virtually any usecase.

  • Precismo 3D storing data


    The object is stored in our data format in our 3D library. Totally secure, ready for any use case, in top quality which will be relevant for years to come. We take care of all updates. No worries if iOS, Android or particular browser releases a significant update. Your models will be ready.

  • Precismo 3D distributing data


    Precismo 3D & AR viewer can be implemnetd easier than an average gallery with no programming on your side. Model is ready to be used for any usecases: Social APIs, Ads, Metaverses, Photo and Video Reels

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