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Shopping in the age of the pandemic

The events of the past few weeks caught most of the world by surprise and a bit unprepared. A steadily growing number of countries have ordered their people to stay at home in one hand – but emphasized that the business should go on as usual on the other. So how can you sustain operation while most of your customers are sitting in front of their TVs and computers?

Traditional e-shops are the obvious answer to that question, but not the only one. We have been developing our very own solution for Virtual Retailing long before the first case of COVID-19.

Shopping in VR/AR is not anything particularly new. It’s rather a proven way to display and sell products in a completely new environment, accessible from anywhere. With millions of consumer headsets sold each year and mobile VR accessible to almost everybody, the users are no longer the limit. It may be the case with mentality. We as a society are still not quite used to seeing our customers as the young lady in the picture. But it’s getting better every day.

The issue retailers face each and every day is different: It is the obvious lack of quality content for their Virtual Stores. This is where 3D scanning steps in. With our fully automated robotic 3D scanning technologywe are able to scan each item in the matter of minutes. 3D scanning is by far the easiest, most cost-effective and yet precise way to create high-quality 3D content. 

Many companies are still investing large amount of resources into manpower needed to create hand-made 3D models. Our technology can be used altogether with custom models. But the shift towards 3D scanning is happening right now. 

And just a quick note: Please don’t use mobile 3D scanning apps for your business. They’re inconvenient, produce results of inferior quality, require a lot of manpower, and what’s the biggest catch – have a terrible perception of materials and lighting.

Professional 3D scanning studios – like the one we have near Prague, the Czech Republic – will provide you with models that feel 100 % natural and can be used in any environment, with any lighting conditions. Wondering what the final result might look like? Just take a glimpse at the screenshots from our Virtual Store below.

If you are interested in reading more about usage of 3D scanning in entertainment, retail and gaming, follow this link. We will also be happy to hear about your current 3D experience and discuss possible Proofs of Concept with you. Don’t hesitate and contact us anytime.

3D scanning with Precismo is a highly accurate, yet cost-effective way for creating original 3D content for retail, entertainment, media, gaming and other similar industries of the 21st century.

We also closely collaborate with industry leaders in Czech Republic to provide quality control and non-destructive testing solutions across all relevant fields.

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