Zombies attack!

360° product spins are back. Bummer.

There’s one question we get asked a lot: What’s the difference between 3D models scanned by our robotic technology and so-called 360° spins – product photos taken from different heights and angles. The answer is very simple: They differ in every single aspect you can think of. 

Shooting spins (“panoramatic” product photos) is a 2000-ish technology. By 2010, everybody thought the technology was dead for good. 

It’s 2020 and some of the firms – both in Czech Republic and abroad – somehow mysteriously brought it back to life. And it became a zombie that¨’s offered throughout online retail market, including mandatory services that nobody really needs. 

There’s only a single use for the 360° spins – the web. And they’re on the brink of extinction even here. So basically, they became both a technology zombie and a technology dinosaur. On the contrary, you can use 3D models absolutely anywhere. Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality. Any mobile platform. Your products can be placed in a video game. Take your pick. You can shoot product pictures in places you’ll never visit. Anywhere means anywhere. Even 10 years from now. 

There’s one thing that spins are really good at. It’s called a 3-phase business model. According to spin salespeople, it looks something like this:

1. Buy our product spins
2. ?????
3. Profit! 

If you’re asking what the question marks stand for, nobody really knows. We don’t. And neither the spin salespeople do.  

Enough jokes for today – we’re gonna publish 2nd part of the series on July 1 and look closely on the differences between the technologies in question. 

Hope they don’t get to our brains till then. 

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