Really real photorealistic 3D models

One model endless possibilites ...

Create photorealistic 3D object

Quality Content is fundamental for appealing 3D Digital Worlds. The photorealistic scanning technology of real items is the most effective way to achieve a perfect result.

The technology allows brands to scan and digitize their products as 3D virtual models. This process ensures that the captured materials of the subject appear photorealistic and the materials are presented with their natural characteristics, like leather grains, textures and more, in digital form. Unlike ordinary 3D scanners, this new system is completely automated and time-optimized.

One-touch full Automatic Workflow

What if there is a fully automatic solution, which can digitalize any object? 

Precismo has developed a robotic system and software pipeline, which can do it in few minutes. And You choose which format You need, we can export our raw data into any format and size You desire.

Perfect in every detail

Thanks to a special combination of many subpixel scanning algorithms, Precismo delivers unprecedented quality 3D object with precise material scan, which can capture any surface finish with the smallest details, 

one (our) technology for many solutions

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