Precismo představuje nový 3D viewer

Společnost Precismo letos představila nový 3D viewer (prohlížeč 3D modelů). V posledních měsících jsme byli svědky nebývalého růstu popularity 3D zobrazování a rozšířené reality, zejména na internetu a u špičkových e-shopů. Světoví hi-tech giganti jako Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon a Microsoft začali na svých platformách podporovat a dokonce prosazovat rozšířenou realitu neboli AR či Augmented Reality a 3D zobrazování. Precismo pracuje se všemi z nich a zajišťuje funkčnost 3D modelů ve všech těchto prostředích.

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Precismo Launches New Own 3D Viewer

Precismo launched a new 3D viewer this year. In the last months the market witnessed an unprecedented popularity of 3D imaging and Augmented Reality, particularly on the web and e-commerce. Hi-tech giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft started to support and even push Augmented Reality and 3D imaging on their platforms. Precismo works with all of them and secures functionality of 3D models in all of these environments.

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3D model is a marketing mix gem

Ten years have passed since the moment I sent my first invoice for marketing services. The advertising has changed significantly since then, the business is faster than ever, everything is online now. Writing is still an essential part of the marketing mix (that’s probably for the good), while the online visuals are basically 1:1 copied versions of the offline ones.

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CTO: Our HW and SW work hand in hand

The last part of a puzzle called Precismo is our Hardware and Software. It was an intention to squeeze them into just one blog post, since our HW would never work without the SW (and vice versa). So we don’t perceive them as two parts but rather as a whole. As our technology – the 3D scanner we are proud of. Discover more in the final part of the CTO series!

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CTO: Artificial Intelligence is essential

The core elements of our technology at Precismo are AI (Artificial Intelligence), neural networks and ML (machine learning). We decided to proactively utilize these technologies back in 2017 when we started building our 3D scanning machine from scratch. I’m constantly amused when watching our AI getting better and better on yet another set of training data.

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COO: Highs and lows of tech startup experience

I have dedicated almost 30 years of my life to working as an IT professional. During that time, I gained a lot of valuable experience from major corporations with all kinds of support and thousands of employees. However, I was always struggling with the amount of resources (especially time) required to accomplish literally any innovation or change.

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CTO: Utilizing industrial robotics in 3D scanning

Last week I promised to prepare a series of short posts that shall provide a behind-the-scenes look into the Precismo operations. In the second episode, we’ll speak about robots. The good ones, obviously! Autonomous robotic 3D scanning is a significantly different endeavor than just running around things with a 100$ Chinese handheld 3D scanner.

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CTO: Building a 3D scanner from scratch

For three years we’ve been working hard to build a fully automated 3D scanning device. One which would be able to capture perfect, fully optimized 3D model of literally anything in just a few minutes. No matter the glossiness, color palette, materials and surfaces… no matter anything! I will be speaking about each and every one of the subjects in the following days.

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Scan once, use anywhere

After the successful zombie stories, we decided it’s about time we get back to business. And perhaps start a new mini-series, explaining the core concepts of our technology and the philosophy behind the firm itself. One of the key concepts we believe in is called “scan once”, use anywhere. The concept could actually be explained in two different ways, and we’ll take a close look on both of them.

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Comparison: 360° vs 3D

The previous part of our mini-series discussed 360° product spins that came back to life, much like zombies do. Let’s discuss the differences between the technologies on a serious note. You’ll soon understand why anybody in their right mind should choose 3D scanning for selling products in the 21st century. Join us to view some videos, prepare some tables, notice what’s wrong.

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Zombies attack!

There’s one question we get asked a lot: What’s the difference between 3D models scanned by our robotic technology and so-called 360° spins – product photos taken from different heights and angles. The answer is very simple: They differ in every single aspect you can think of. Let’s look together how the 2000-ish technology of spins made its zombie-like return to the online retail market.

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Our Story

It was in summer of 2017 when two long-time friends and colleagues, Mikoláš Herskovič (now CEO of Precismo) and Zdeněk Glazer (now CTO) came up with an idea for revolutionary 3D scanning machine which would, one day, deliver quality 3D content to developers, retailers, media, or simply just anybody who needed it. Follow the story from 2017 until today in our latest blogpost.

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Throwback time with Precismo team

As most of us still work from home (and probably will be, for longer periods of time), we thought it may be perfect time to remember some of the nice moments we had as a team, company and a group of friends in 2019. We also had an idea you might want to see that too! This time we will be showing you some pictures from white water rafting & home meat party.

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COVID-19 research

We were hoping to find a way to do our little part and help society fight the disease. Having our temporary offices at home resulted in quite a lot of idle computing capacities that would otherwise be used to create thrilling 3D worlds, process raw scanning data or find flaws and defects in industrial products. So we decided to become part of the research by participating in Folding@home project.

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Virtual Stores

The events of the past few weeks caught most of the world by surprise and a bit unprepared. A steadily growing number of countries have ordered their people to stay at home in one hand – but emphasized that the business should go on as usual on the other. So how can you sustain operation while most of your customers are sitting in front of their TVs and computers?

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CES 2020

Europe is becoming quite small for us, so we are going to CES 2020 in Las Vegas (Nevada, US) to show how our platform for 3D scanning and 3D models can be useful in different businesses. One of our goals is expansion, after our participation in Siggraph and CES, we want to take another step to foreign markets. We can meet at our stand and discuss in detail, what our technology can do.

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Web Summit 2019

Come and meet us on the neutral territory of the unique Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. We look forward to meeting you, discussing your ideas and plans to work together. If you are a manufacturing company and you are interested in the quality of controls, for us, there is nothing easier. If you are developing games or creating virtual reality and you lack quality realistic content, choose in our gallery.

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We were thrived to present our technology directly to Siggraph 2019 visitors in Los Angeles, California from July 28 to August 1, 2019. So, how was Siggraph? Truly a place to rest, recharge and reboot, as multifaceted as anyone is. Featuring global innovators who are changing what’s possible in computer graphics, animation, VR, Gaming, and Emerging Technologies.

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3D scanning with Precismo is a highly accurate, yet cost-effective way for creating original 3D content for retail, entertainment, media, gaming and other similar industries of the 21st century.

We also closely collaborate with industry leaders in Czech Republic to provide quality control and non-destructive testing solutions across all relevant fields.

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