About us

Our mission is to make 3D imaging as easy as photography

We are leaders in creating industry quality 3D content. Since 2017 our team has been developing specialised software and an automatic, robotic scanning system with computer vision and AI.

By designing our own software, using artificial intelligence and machine learning elements, we have greatly improved the quality of  each object scanned.

We scan fully automatically in a light cage that quickly converts any real object into a 3D model. Our models have "real life" colours and perfectly accurate material perception.

We can handle shiny and metallic surfaces that conventional 3D scanners are unable to reproduce. Because we scan in more than 1000 lighting conditions, we are able to deliver models that work in any light and on any platform.


The company was founded by Mikoláš Herskovič with his friend Zdeněk Glazer, who is now the company’s technical director. Both have, in the past, headed up IT companies, but virtual reality attracted them so much they decided to change course and apply their experience to developing this new opportunity. They began by making digital copies of real objects and storing them in a database. Everything from furniture to crockery to electronics. But finding a suitable scanner proved very difficult. Most could carry out specific tasks – for example, they could scan matt materials, but not glass. And so the search for a suitable scanner began. After more than six months they decided to create their own scanner technology. This development eventually took them three years to complete, but the result was software with its own algorithms that can build a truly realistic model, one that can also be linked to augmented reality and projected into “real time” space. You can take a walk around it, rotate it or resize it. It can also be used for online configurations, which allows customers to design their own version of a product. Currently Precismo is expanding rapidly.


Early prototypes of 3D scanning technology

We began our journey, working on early prototypes in summer 2017. Since then we have developed specialised software and an automatic scanning robotic machine with computer vision and AI technologies to deliver cutting-edge 3D scanning solutions for everyone.


Seeking Series-A investment

In 2020 we started seeking Series-A investment to expand our horizon.