Models that boost
your business.

We have a variety of services that will help you
boost your business.

01 The Future
3D Model

02 3D Viewer
for Online Shops

03 AR/VR Viewer

Your customers are driven by visual experience. 
They used to like offline shopping because they could examine the product up close, rotate it, and see every detail. Not anymore.

Thanks to Precismo, they can do all that 
on their mobile device, and a better browsing experience leads to increased sales.


Accelerate Buying Decisions

Let customers view products from any angle, spin them around for a 360-view, and zoom in and out for more detail. Increase add-to-cart rate by up to 20%.

The first step for all innovative retailers and businesses that want to showcase their products. Excellent quality, maximum interactivity which can be implemented.


Quick Implementation

With high-quality industrial cameras and lighting solutions, we have everything we need to quickly convert a real product into mathematical data that can be used in a digital environment.


Loading Speed

Our models load 5x faster vs. competition. We don’t take a lot of pictures, but we transfer mathematical data. Less bounce, more shoppers stay engaged.

Easily integrate your 3D assets into any augmented and virtual reality application. Provide your customers with a realistic simulation in their environment to make smarter decisions.


Reshape Experiences

Interactivity is one of the most important behavioural factors through which users can control and manipulate the product that is in front of them.

04 Online Configurator

The perfect choice for all businesses which sell goods tailored specifically to customer requirements. Let your clients choose the product’s color, material & design.

Customize to Your Liking

Offer a unique customer experience with customized 3D models. Help your customers buy with confidence and accelerate your business.

05 Product Photography

Create clearly defined sets of product pictures from multiple angles for unlimited use in your e-shop and marketing materials.


Product Shots

Pre-defined angles, void background, fully automated creation!


Advertisment Pictures

Achieve stunning results with virtual backgrounds & illumination.

06 Product Videos
& Animations

The smart option for showcasing your products in wonderful short movies full of life.

No Green Screen

With industry grade cameras and lighting solutions, we have all we need to feed our custom-made automated calibration, scanning and optimization framework with quality data.

Precismo across all industries.


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Explore the capabilities of 3D/AR product imaging through an industry case study.