Throwback time with Precismo team

The fun we had in 2019
As most of us still work from home (and probably will be, for longer periods of time), we thought it may be perfect time to remember some of the nice moments we had as a team, company and a group of friends in 2019. We also had an idea you might want to see that too!

The first set of pictures comes from a white water rafting & canoeing trip which we had in the summer. Provided you don’t know, this is actually an extremely popular thing to do in Czech Republic! We have a plenty of rivers that are perfectly safe even for toddlers, provided they have protective equipment such as vests. (Mikoláš was focusing greatly on Business Continuity aspects of the trip, so #VestsForAll it was, actually.) We had a great time with our families and hope to catch a little bit of a warmer weather next time.

The second set of pictures comes from a “Zabijačka” which is a rural tradition in Czech Republic, mostly in the eastern part of the country. We had a lot of meat, some wine and beer… did I mention A LOT of meat? 

We’re working hard but always save some spare time to spend time with our families together. Mikoláš and Zdeněk know each other for quite a long time, so throwing a small party seems like a bit of a tradition. And when the party’s over, it’s #BackToWork time. And in case you’re asking: Yes, we currently have vacant positions. We’ll see you on board (literally)!